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Full Builds

With decades of experience as a competitive rifle shooter, long range hunter, and rifle builder, I take pride in building the most accurate and reliable rifles available and that best meets your particular requirement.  Whether you need a match rifle, hunting rifle, or a full package ready to go we can provide what you need. ​

Stock Work / Bedding

​ We pillar bed our rifles with particular focus upon a stress free mating surface as well as a perfect dimensional  relationship between the receiver and the magazine assembly.  Ultimate accuracy and reliability are the result.

Barrel Work

The barrel and barrel work are the heart of a rifle's accuracy.  This is why I do all metal work myself here at Stuteville Precision.  In fact, with the combination of multi lathe cnc capabilities and old world care and craftsmanship I provide OEM barrels for some of the most respected precision rifle builders in existence.  

Bolt and Action Work

Actions are dialed in to be coaxial with centerline of bore and stress free, bored, faced, and threaded on a CNC lathe.  Bolts are dialed in similarly and squared at the bolt face and lugs.  
Due to increased build backlog, we have discontinued our bolt bushing service other than in conjunction with a rifle build.

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