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Our shop is designed a round our goal of building the most accurate, beautiful, and reliable rifles through modern machining practices and old world craftsmanship.  The primary machines that we use every day are:

HAAS TL2 CNC lathe (Primarily chambering and action truing)
Haas TL1 CNC  lathe (Primarily muzzle operations and production parts)
Haas TM2P CNC Mill with 4th axis and renishaw probing (Barrel fluting, bolt fluting, gas port work, barrel wrench flats, engraving, etc.)
Bridgeport manual knee mill with DRO. 
Rockwell surface grinder

A shop full of various smaller tools, shop made special tools, fixtures, etc.

We also have an on site 100 yard shooting range and state of the art reloading capability.

chambered Bartlein barrels
Haas TL1 and TL2
Precision Reloading
CNC barrel
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